The Benefits of Using a Motion Graphics Video for Educational Seminars

Pat Finnegan Instructional Design, News

One of the great challenges of speaking at an educational event is sustaining the interest of a bored and disinterested audience.

Regardless of how interesting you think your presentation may be, the fact of the matter is that your students have no idea—and they must be convinced. Contrary to popular opinion, you need not resort to flashy gimmicks in order to grab the attention of a younger crowd.

With technology dominating every inch of modern communication, educators can now use the latest learning tools to aid their lectures. And that’s precisely where motion graphics video comes in.

Why Video?

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video can narrate an entire epic in less than half the time it would take to read it!

As academic professionals, many of you may share a preference for the written word—its ability to activate the collective imagination and evoke incredible images. Be that as it may, however, narrating passages from a book or speaking at a stretch can have its limitations in an academic environment. Why stick to one medium of expression when you can create a more engaging and interactive learning experience, while making your job even easier?

Video works in educational settings because it pushes the boundaries of a conventional classroom, consequently transforming it into a creative hub of inspiration.

Why Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics simply refers to “graphic design in motion”. Seen frequently in explainer videos, it is an incredibly useful learning tool—featured prominently in training seminars—to break down complex ideas into simple and direct ones.

Why Does Your Video Need Motion Graphics?

Using video as a component of your presentation means taking advantage of the limitless benefits of motion graphics. Here are some major ones you should know about:

Visual Impact

Whether you’re discussing economics, international affairs or science, numerical data is bound to make an appearance in your lecture. Motion graphics make statistical figures and numerical data a lot less intimidating and easier to remember with friendly animations.

Ideas Come to Life

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As an effective storytelling device, motion graphics are brilliant at translating complicated theories into easy-to-understand visual format. You may even merge them with other video techniques to create engaging characters. This can enable you to demonstrate a certain theory or illustrate a hypothetical example.

Enhanced Learning

Every individual has a different learning pace. As an educator, you’re probably well aware of this reality, and do everything in your power to make sure your words resonate with everyone. Motion graphics are an excellent tool to connect with a younger audience, particularly reaching out to students with a relatively short attention span.

With audio-visual aid, your audience can grasp advanced concepts in a significantly shorter time it would take for you to perhaps do individually for every person. Why work hard to put together a memorable educational presentation, when it fails to make an impact on every person in attendance?

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