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More often than not, educational institutions consider the acquisition of knowledge to be their measure of success. With the obvious exception of trade schools, colleges and universities emphasize the completion of assigned coursework and a passing grade on tests as the indicator that learning has occurred. In the business world, what you probably call the REAL world, you know that this simply won’t suffice. eLearning activities for business must go beyond what your learners need to know and focus on what they need to do.

That’s why at Turn-Turtle Educational Media we believe the goal of any instructional activity must be to increase the learner’s ability and motivation to perform well and to meet the expectations of the job. That might require a change in thinking, a change in behavior, or an improvement in productivity. Maybe it requires all three. In any case, we know that your bottom line is a return on investment based on a sustained and measurable performance enhancement.

The best news of all is that Turn-Turtle Educational Media has skilled instructional design staff you need to help you achieve your organizational training and development goals. Our designers apply the latest in peer-reviewed educational neuroscience research to make sure the learning can be understood, retained, and applied. Our developers are trained in the most efficient rapid and iterative ID methodologies. Our project management team will assure your project is completed on time and on budget. Then finally, our measurement team will help you assess and demonstrate the effectiveness of the program to your stakeholders.

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Turn-Turtle Educational Media can help you develop remarkably effective eLearning and educational media assets for your face-to-face, online, and blended learning environments.