Onboarding is Key to Employee Success

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It’s a wonder that so many small- to medium-sized businesses think to invest significantly in assets like facilities, motor pool, and computer systems, and yet ignore the substantial ROI that could be realized by improving their employee onboarding, training, and development (T&D) programs. I recently ran across a phenomenal statement on this topic. In The Talent Powered Organization, authors Peter …

Bloom’s Taxonomy for Instructional Design Projects

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Laying out clear learning objectives or instructional goals is a vital part of an effective instructional design project. Turn-Turtle Educational Media suggests that you consider applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to every phase of the instructional design process. We believe this is one sure-fire way of taking your eLearning projects from good to GREAT! Introduction To be sure of hitting the target, shoot …

The Dos and Don’ts of Leading an Educational Seminar

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Just because you have something important to say, doesn’t necessarily mean people will listen. Your presentation may offer answers to some of the most pressing problems in the world. Unfortunately, if you can’t find a way to connect with your audience, your words of wisdom may inevitably fall on deaf ears. As a teacher, lecturer or trainer, public speaking is …

Neuromyths in Education

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Welcome to our topic-leader post on “Neuromyths.” In case you haven’t heard the term before, or are unsure of what a neuromyth is, allow me to start off with a brief description. Basically, a neuromyth is a commonly held but incorrect belief regarding the structure or function of the human brain.

Struggles with Iterative Development in Instructional Design

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Here are a few instructional design questions that came up recently regarding iterative development: Can you share any specific agile development practices you’ve undertaken in your organization? If so, what have been the challenges with implementation? What have been the benefits? I asked my team about these questions and here’s what we thought. SAM vs ADDIE vs Rapid Prototyping Anyone …

What is a “Neuromyth?”

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When aiming to discover more about the field of neuroscience and cognitive functioning, there is a plethora of resources available — some being more accurate than others. Although there are plenty of informative, highly reliable resources available, there are also a lot of misleading facts. False claims have developed from past research time and time again. As the truth is …